We are pleased to let you know we received funding from the Enhancing Research Culture fund to design and pilot an interactive “Doctoral Supervision Workshop” this academic year. We are now looking for colleagues to train as Facilitators to help us deliver this workshop.

Given the important role a supervisor plays in a student’s doctoral journey, it is essential that our supervisors are optimally supported with the knowledge and development they require so that their doctoral students can succeed and thrive. Whilst all probationers at the University currently receive a training which introduces them to doctoral supervision, it is important and timely that all supervisors receive continued professional development for this element of their role.

We are looking for approximately 20 Workshop Facilitators who are committed to delivering approximately 2-3 workshops each in academic year 2024-25. Workshop design is currently in progress, so Facilitators will not need to develop content. The content of the workshop will be discursive in nature, encouraging supervisors to explore scenarios and share their experiences. Facilitators will receive training led by an external consultant, Tracey Stead, to help them feel confident delivering the workshop content.

If you are interested in the role, here are some commitments to be aware of:

  • Wednesday 8th May 2024 (12.00-16.30) workshop pilot (in person) – attendance is advisory.
  • Thursday 20th June 2024 (09.30-16.30) facilitation training day (in person), delivered by Tracey Stead – attendance is compulsory.

We are hoping that after the initial 2024-25 workshop deliveries, we will have a pool of Facilitators that can continue providing workshops, on a refresher basis, to doctoral supervisors. Whilst it is anticipated the commitment for future academic years will be much less than 2024/25, the exact commitment will be discussed and agreed with all parties in June 2025.

For the Facilitator role, we are ideally looking for colleagues who are experienced supervisors and/or who are great facilitators. Experience in a doctoral leadership role (e.g., Dept/Prog/Faculty Director of Studies) is desirable but not essential. If you are not a supervisor but you have advanced knowledge of supervision, doctoral progression, and academic milestones then we do still encourage you to apply. Whilst Facilitators can be on a full- or part-time contract, to be eligible for this role you must either be in a permanent position at the University of Bath or be on a fixed-term contract until at least July 2026. This is because we are hoping to retain the pool of facilitators over a period of time. You must also have permission from your line manager to apply for this role.

Becoming a Facilitator will not only help with your personal development (e.g., receiving leading facilitation training) but it will also enable you to play a key role in optimally supporting doctoral supervisors across the University. The appointed group of ~20 Facilitators will receive continued support. All bookings for the workshops will be handled centrally. The Facilitators will also be connected together in a network, providing a space to share workshop reflections and for additional support as required. Finally, as a token of our appreciation for supporting this important strategic project, Facilitators who attend the compulsory training and deliver the required workshops in 2024-2025 will be paid £250 each (e.g., via k code payment).

Interested individuals will need to complete an application form by Monday 18th March 16:00.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Professor Joe Devine (Associate-ProVC-Doctoral@bath.ac.uk) or Dr Rachel Arnold (Academic-Director-Doctoral@bath.ac.uk)