The purpose of the new Academic Secondment Scheme from RIS is to develop, build and strengthen collaborations with external organisations (private, public and charity sector) that lead to knowledge exchange and future funding opportunities.

The intention for this funding, provided through the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF), is to support secondments of academics across the three Faculties and the School of Management.

Through this scheme, funding is available for an academic to be seconded into the organisation for one day a week for a period of between three to six months. The intention is that the academic will spend this one day at the organisation’s premises, with funding available to cover travel and the academic’s time.

Secondment applications will be reviewed by the Business Partnership and Knowledge Exchange Team in RIS alongside the Faculty/School based Knowledge Exchange Directors. The application form will need to be signed and dated by relevant Heads of Department and the supporting external partner.

Applicants will need to:

  • demonstrate how the secondment will strengthen the partnership and build further KE opportunities
  • provide a signed Heads of Terms statement from the partner organisation (confirming the proposed heads of terms for the secondment have been reviewed and are acceptable)


Immersing academics into external organisations strengthens relationships and provides opportunity to share skills and ideas, ultimately driving innovation. Seconded staff offer partner organisations a fresh perspective and opportunities to apply expertise to real-world challenges.

We hope that secondments will lead to ongoing KE activities such as research projects, collaborative opportunities, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Consultancy or joint grant applications.

We expect academics to be seconded for one day per week working at the premises. However, virtual secondments will be considered if sufficient evidence can be provided on how the academic will be embedded within the organisation.

To ensure the secondment scheme is being effectively implemented, the Business Partnership & KE Team in RIS will arrange short check-ins with the academic to provide support.

All secondments will need to produce a short final report that summarises the outcomes of the project and provides feedback on the scheme.

Eligibility: This scheme is designed for Academic positions (ECR and above)

Key Dates

  • Competition Opens: 17 October

  • Submission Date: 18 November

  • Funding Decision: 9 December (applicants will be informed as soon as possible)

  • Secondment start dates: January 2023


Please email your application to: by 18 November.

If you have any enquiries please contact the business partnerships team: