The trees along Norwood Avenue are being carefully assessed to ensure they are in prime condition and free of disease. A small number of trees which are in a hazardous condition are being removed, with the consent of B&NES.

Trees between 6E and the School of Management building which are in poor condition and too tightly spaced will be replaced with a large number of native species trees on campus and elsewhere.

The woodchip produced will be also used on woodland paths within the campus boundary to improve the perimeter walking route for the benefit of staff, students and local residents.

There are plans are for 50 new trees to be planted within the School of Management site, five trees in a new landscaped area formed by the removal of part of the southern car park, 17 trees north of Westwood and 129 trees, 942m of native hedges, and 2,229m2 of mixed native shrubs at the Sulis Club.

In addition, the University is committed to planting another 25-30 trees in the temporary car park when that is reinstated to parkland.