From 29 March the current arrangements for the Office of the University Secretary have changed. This note outlines how the responsibilities will now be undertaken.

The teams which reported to the University Secretary have the same responsibilities and their contact details remain the same. However they are now managed as follows:

  • Student Immigration Service has moved to the Director of Student Recruitment & Admissions

  • Legal Office, including Freedom of Information, has moved to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity has moved to the Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning & Teaching)

  • Dental Centre has moved to the Deputy Director, Safety & Wellbeing Services

The Secretariat has moved to the Director of Policy & Planning, which includes responsibility for complaints, regulatory matters, support to Boards and emergency management

The arrangements for supporting senior decision making bodies through the Secretariat will continue to change over the next few months. We are currently recruiting a new role of Head of Strategic Governance as recommended by the Halpin report and it is hoped that this role will be filled by the summer. Until then, these tasks will be undertaken by current members of the Secretariat team.

The Office of the University Secretary combined a wide range of responsibilities, many of which are embedded deep in existing processes and web-pages. These will be updated to reflect new responsibilities, but for the avoidance of doubt in the meantime:

  • Dr Nicky Kemp, Director of Policy and Planning, will temporarily take on the role of University Secretary for those roles where that position is named

  • Angela Pater, Head of Secretariat, will be the Secretary to the University Council

  • The University Secretary email account will continue to be used for formal correspondence, including complaints and disciplinary matters. Emails received will continue to be actioned as usual