Strand 1b – Adding value to existing partnerships (Smaller Scale)

  • Dr Emma Emanuelsson, Department of Chemical Engineering

    • Project: In-situ reaction monitoring to scale up novel sustainable chemistry
    • Partner: Scripps Research
  • Dr Pedro Estrela, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

    • Project: Linking C3Bio@Bath HIV management biodevice research with USA East Coast globally leading institutions
    • Partners: Harvard University; Diagnostics for All Inc; Whelen Engineering; Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Strand 3 – PhD Mobility

  • Pooja Anil Kumar Nair, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

    • Project: Innovative Carbon Capture Cementitious Material using Sol-gel Technology
    • Partner: Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG)
  • Aurélie Larquemin, Department of Social & Policy Sciences

    • Project: The challenge of promoting effective financial inclusion: an investigation of the factors that lead to active use of formal savings accounts
    • Partner: University of Ghana

Strand 4 – Global Challenges

  • Dr Chris Blenkinsopp, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

    • Project: Dynamic Revetments: Sustainable Coastal Protection
    • Partners: Scripps Institute of Oceanography; Washington State Department of Ecology; Universidade Federal do Rio Grande