UNAM (Mexico)

  • From functional models of operator theory to materials science: new vistas through Bath-UNAM partnership

    • Theme: Mathematical analysis for wave propagation and materials science
    • Primary Investigator: Dr Kirill Cherednichenko, Department of Mathematical Sciences
    • Co-Investigator: Dr Euan Spence, Department of Mathematical Sciences
    • Partner institution: UNAM (Mexico): Institute of Applied Mathematics (IIMAS)
  • Is technological change shrinking households’ income share? An analysis for developed and developing economies

    • Theme: Macroeconomics: the new technologies and their effects on households’ income and inequality
    • Primary Investigator: Dr Aida Garcia-Lazaro, Institute for Policy Research
    • Co-Investigators: Prof Nick Pearce and Dr Charles Larkin, Institute for Policy Research
    • Partner institution: UNAM (Mexico): Economics Research Institute

PhD mobility - outgoing

  • Chagas disease engineering and disease evolutionary ecology

    • Theme: Evolutionary Ecology, with a sub-focus in Engineering and Public Health
    • Primary Investigator: Mr Jamie Thompson, Biology & Biochemistry
    • Supervisor: Dr Nicholas Priest, Biology & Biochemistry
    • Partner institution: UNAM (Mexico): Departamento de Ecología Evolutiva

PhD mobility - incoming

  • Dynamic coalescent models with seedbanks

    • Theme: Stochastic genetics
    • Primary Investigator: Lizbeth Pañaloza Velasco
    • Bath supervisors: Prof Andreas Kyprianou and Prof Tim Rogers, Department of Mathematical Sciences
    • Home institution: UNAM (Mexico): Institute of Applied Mathematics (IIMAS)

Stellenbosch University (South Africa)

  • An international collaboration focused on supporting child and family wellbeing in low-middle income countries

    • Theme: Clinical and community psychology
    • Primary Investigator: Dr Rachel Hiller, Department of Psychology
    • Co-Investigators: Prof Sarah Halligan and Hope Christie, Department of Psychology
    • Partner institutions: Stellenbosch University, University of Manchester, and United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), South Africa
  • Building resilient communities in urban Africa: water, sanitation and urbanization

  • The Tag effect: The effectiveness of a non-contact rugby programme on mental well-being in under-resourced school settings

    • Theme: Youth mental health and sport for good
    • Primary Investigator: Dr Carly McKay, Department of Health
    • Partner institution: Stellenbosch University (South Africa): Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Monash University (Australia)

  • Translating research evidence and knowledge into policy and practice: Comparative reflections on extending out-of-home care models in England, Australia and New Zealand

    • Theme: Social policy, child welfare and young people transitioning from state run out of home care
    • Primary Investigator: Dr Justin Rogers, Department of Social & Policy Sciences
    • Co-Investigator: Dr Rachel Hiller, Department of Psychology
    • Partner institution: Monash University (Australia): Department of Social Work
  • Developing Leadership and Pedagogical Knowledge Across International Boundaries: A Comparative Study of China and the UK

    • Theme: Educational leadership and English as medium of instruction
    • Primary Investigator: Dr Meng Tian, Department of Education
    • Co-Investigators: Prof Xiao Lan Curdt-Christiansen and Prof Andrea Abbas, Department of Education
    • Partner institution: Zhejiang University (China): School of International Studies
  • Establishing a collaborative research partnership in Psoriatic Arthritis Research between the University of Bath and Monash University

    • Theme: Musculoskeletal Research
    • Primary Investigator: Dr William Tillett, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology
    • Co-Investigators: Prof Neil McHugh, Prof Mark Lindsay and Dr Prasad Nishtala, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology
    • Partner institution: Monash University (Australia): Centre for Inflammatory Diseases and Department of Rheumatology at Monash Health

NTU (Singapore)

  • A Hybrid Rehabilitation System Combing Functional Electrical Stimulation with Robotic Exoskeleton

    • Theme: Robotics Engineering, with links to Healthcare
    • Primary Investigator: Dr Dingguo Zhang, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
    • Co-Investigator: Dr Uriel Martinez Hernandez, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
    • Partner institution: Nanyang Technological University (Singapore): School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

PhD mobility - outgoing

  • Inertial microfluidic approaches for point-of-care diagnostic devices

    • Theme: Healthcare: Microfluidics, Biosensors, Lab-on-Chip
    • Primary Investigator: Mr Sotiris Papamatthaiou, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
    • Supervisors: Dr Despina Moschou, Dr Pedro Estrela
    • Partner institution: Nanyang Technological University (Singapore): School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Zhejiang University (China)

  • Design and development of new fluid-powered artificial muscles

    • Theme: Robotics; Actuator and Control; Modelling; Smart Materials; Artificial muscles -Primary Investigator: Dr Min Pan, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Co-Investigators: Prof Andrew Plummer and Prof Chris Bowen, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Partner institutions: Zhejiang University (China): School of Mechanical Engineering, and Oilgear China