Our top media mentions this week:

Week commencing Monday 22 June

Why covid-19 antibody tests are not the game changer the UK government claims

Dr Andrew Preston (Biology and Biochemistry)

BMJ and five other outlets

'Big tobacco wants our youth's lungs': rise of smoking in Jordan

Dr Raouf Alebshehy (Tobacco Control Research Group)

The Guardian and two other outlets

Bread mould avoids infection by mutating its own DNA – study

Professor Laurence Hurst (Milner Centre for Evolution)

Daily Mail and 261 other outlets

Universal Credit UK: ‘Flaws’ in benefit system for couples exposed by new report

Dr Rita Griffiths (Institute for Policy Research)

Express and 37 other outlets

Battery-powered cars are commonplace on our roads but will holidaymakers ever get the chance to be jet off and be green on electric planes?

Professor Peter Wilson (Electronic and Electrical Engineering)

Mail on Sunday