Professor Brad Evans from our Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies is publishing two new books.

The first, Violence: Humans in dark times was coauthored with Natasha Lennard and will be published in November 2018 by Citylights.

The book features a series of conversations with leading thinkers, including:

  • Oliver Stone
  • Simon Critchley
  • Elaine Scarry
  • Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

In the book, Brad and Natasha explore the role of violence in politics, culture, the media, public speech, and against the environment.

Speaking about the book, Brad commented; "To bring out the best of us, we have to confront the worst of what humans are capable of doing to one another. In short, there is a need to confront the intolerable realities of violence in this world."

Brad's second book, The atrocity exhibition: Life in an age of total violence is scheduled to come out in February. The book covers a series of writings and discussions since 2011. It also features introductions written by Russell Brand and Henry A. Giroux.

About Brad Evans

Professor Brad Evans is a political philosopher, critical theorist and writer, whose work specialises on the problem of violence. The author of some ten books and edited volumes, along with over 50 academic and media articles, he holds a Chair in Political Violence & Aesthetics at the University of Bath.

Throughout 2015-17, Brad was invited to lead a dedicated series for The New York Times (The Stone) on violence. He is currently the lead editor for dedicated section on violence and the arts/critical theory with The Los Angeles Review of Books.

Brad's Portraits of violence book recently won a prestigious Independent Publishers Award (Graphic Novel, 2018). His works are currently being translated into many languages including, Spanish, Italian, German, Turkish, Finnish, Indonesian and Korean.