The University of Bath is pleased to announce the renewal of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Centre for Mathematical Modelling at the Universidad de Chile.

The Universidad de Chile (UC) is one of the top 7 institutions in Latin America and in the top 4 for Mathematics. A leading university for scientific and technological research, UC is responsible for a third of the country's scientific publications. One of the primary University of Bath collaborators with the Centre for Mathematical Modelling (CMM) is the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics (SAMBa) within the Faculty of Science.

Since the original agreement was signed in 2018, there have been numerous collaboration activities between the two centres including a joint research workshop held in September 2019, a SAMBa Integrative Think Tank workshop held at UC exploring research questions with impact in Mathematics in December 2022 and four applications from Chilean PhD students to SAMBa.

The primary aim of this MoU is to solidify the collaboration between SAMBa and CMM to build on the industrial relationships developed during the Integrative Think Tank, encourage applications from CMM postgraduate students to study at Bath and build on the possibility of SAMBa CDT studentships to grow the partnership. Alongside this, the partnership provides a key opportunity to extend the international reach of Mathematical Sciences at Bath and plays a major role in driving research collaborations, student applications and global industrial partnerships for the University.

Bath is delighted to be renewing this long-standing agreement and looks forward to the continued success of the partnership.