The University of Bath is excited to announce the renewal of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Miguel Hernandez de Elche. The partnership was established to facilitate a European research network in the field of “Molecular Mechanisms of Pain”.

Based in Spain, the University of Miguel Hernandez de Elche is the founding member of NeurotechEU, a branch of the European Universities Initiative formally established by the European Council in 2020.

The primary aim of this MoU is to build upon existing activities and research links between the Centre for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) and the Elche Institute for Development and Innovation in Health and Biotechnology (IDiBE). Continuing to strengthen the international network of the CTI, this collaboration will focus on developing basic research and advances in precision therapeutic diagnostics and translating into the clinical arena in the fields of drug delivery, molecular biophysics and pharmacology.

The collaboration seeks to enhance the research culture across both institutes, leading to increased research, co-authored publications and joint educational opportunities whilst aligning with the University of Bath’s research activities in health and precision medicine such as the Centre for Biosensors (CBio) and the Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI).

Throughout the collaboration between both Universities, academics from both institutions have participated in events at the respective partner’s campus, including Prof. Antonio M Ferrer. Additionally, the director of the IDiBE was invited to speak at the bi-annual Skin@Bath symposium, co-chairs of the CTI spoke at a symposium held at Elche in 2023 alongside regular on-line CTI seminars held by international external speakers.

The University of Bath is delighted to be renewing this long-standing partnership and looks forward to the continued success of the collaboration.