BRID will support undergraduate and masters placements, doctoral fieldwork and conference costs, a two-year post-doctoral research position, and other research activities. Successful student applicants will be eligible to receive a maximum of £2,000.


The BRID Fund builds on an existing postdoctoral fellowship fund generously donated by an alumnus of CDS in 2011. To date, this fund has supported five post-doctoral researchers and provided funding for multiple undergraduate and postgraduate placements, with the overall goal of promoting excellent research and innovation in the field of international development.


The fund aims to:

  • help researchers linked to the University of Bath to engage effectively with international development policy and practice in responding to climate change, discrimination, injustice, pandemics (including Covid-19) and other global challenges
  • foster productive careers in international development research, policy and practice, particularly for students and researchers from relatively disadvantaged backgrounds
  • enhance the capacity, collaborative links and reputation of the CDS at the University of Bath as a global leader in international development studies
  • strengthen the identity of the community of researchers and students associated with CDS

Applying for BRID opportunities

The BRID Fund covers a variety of opportunities; please see application process below.

  • undergraduate placements - will be advertised through the University placements office. Undergraduate students may also apply for funding for their International Development placements here. If you have an idea for a undergraduate placement and would like to talk about potential funding please contact Alison Borgelin.
  • masters placements - will be advertised through the University placements office. Postgraduate students may apply for funding for their International Development practicum here

Read about one student's BRID practicum experience here.

  • doctoral candidates - doctoral candidates wishing to apply for fieldwork and/or conferences expenses can find further information on applying here
  • other research activities - other research activities may be funded if associated with planning and launching a social enterprise, organizing a workshop or conference, promoting international research collaboration, or conducting a specific evaluation. Contact us for further information


The BRID Fund is only made possible through the goodwill and generosity of our donors. If you would like to contribute to furthering the original and innovative research enabled by the BRID Fund, donations are welcome. Please direct all enquiries to Alison Borgelin - Fund Administrator