Bath STAR, the student organisation affiliated with the nationwide Student Action for Refugees network, is collaborating with Bath University Student Theatre to raise funds for the Sanctuary Scholarship through their Equal Access Campaign.

Taking place on the 18 and 19 of November in The Edge Theatre, 'When We Are Married' is an amateur production which follows six couples who were all married on the same day, as they celebrate their silver wedding anniversaries together. They soon learn that unfortunately their marriages were not legal which causes them to reevaluate their relationships. Panic ensues as they try to contain this fact and prevent it from becoming a scandal.

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Bath STAR's Equal Access Campaign

Bath STAR aims to welcome asylum seekers into the UK and help them adjust to their new lives. Asylum seekers are individuals who have been forced to leave their country of residence due to fear of persecution or threat to their safety in their home country. These individuals often face a plethora of challenges and are one of the most marginalized groups in Britain. This creates immense barriers to economic and social inclusion, one of which being their inability to access the financial means to attend higher education. Consequently, less than 1% of asylum seekers are enrolled at university in the UK.

The Equal Access Campaign aims to change this by making higher education more attainable via the creation of scholarship funds. At the University of Bath, the student-led initiative has raised over £7,500 to go towards a tailor-made financial support package for a local asylum seeker student to attend the university for a 3-year course.

Your money and donations will go towards the Sanctuary Scholarship to help individuals from a refugee background apply to university and get a scholarship to support them.