This Award is made in recognition of the delivery of an exceptional, innovative or transformational contribution to the student experience in learning and teaching.

The level of support provided by the School of Management Placements Team (Mrs Cathy Bickley, Mrs Katie Calvert-Jones, Mrs Rebecca Cooper, Ms Naomi Farrington, Miss Julie Fudala, Ms Anna Gidney, Mrs Yvonne Groves, Mrs Claire Maggs, Mrs Michelle Pow, Mrs Marie Pullen, Mrs Karin Roberts, Mr Matthew Rusling, Mr Ben Smith, Miss Ninon Talote, Miss Emma Watson, Mrs Amy Westbrook, Mrs Clare Woolfe) has made a significant contribution to the life cycle of students in the School of Management, improving the quality of their university experience, as consistently demonstrated in student satisfaction and employability rates.

The team’s exceptional performance has led to the placement of around 550 students in host organisations in the UK and abroad, and a highly successful international exchange programme, with around 120 incoming and outgoing students in a network of 35 top business schools globally.

Furthermore, the level of guidance on employability skills offered by the team has been shown to be excellent, as has the high level of pastoral care, both on and off campus, including a timetabled Professional Development Programme for all placement students. The team are to be congratulated for adopting a strong collaborative team work ethic to support students and consistently engage in the sharing of best practice.