The BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium is an annual one-day conference for women students of computing and related subjects.

Students have the opportunity to present their work on a poster with a chance to win cash prizes provided by industry sponsors. This year, the event was sponsored by Google.

Around 100 students from universities across the UK, 24 of them from Bath, were invited to attend the event at Sheffield University. There was competition for places and students had to submit an abstract in a bid to receive an invitation.

Dr John Power from the Department of Computer Science who also attended the event said: "I am thrilled by the achievement of our students.

"Not only did they win prize after prize, but they also brought generosity of spirit to the day, befriending students from a variety of other universities and engaging with staff, prospective employers and all others with heartwarming kindness and charm."

Bath students won prizes in nearly every category at the event.

Year 1 prizes

  • 1st prize: Jade Cutler for her poster “Exoskeletons: Getting the Disabled Back on their Feet”. Jade also won the “Cracking the Code” prize for being the fastest to complete a number of puzzles consecutively in order to open a safe.

  • 2nd prize: Marian Kenna for her poster “The Iron Man Suit: Fiction or Reality”.

  • Honourable mention: Christine Mathiesen for her poster “Low-Tech for Humanity: The effect of simple technology on developing countries".

Year 2 prize

  • 2nd prize: Aliza Exelby for her poster "Looking Past Bitcoin: What the Blockchain can do for you".

Year 3 prize

  • 1st prize: Jane Parker for her poster “Designing and Developing an Interactive Campus Map”

Year 4 prize

  • 1st prize: Rachael Botham for her poster “Extracting 3D Models from 2D Photographs using 3D Morphable Models”.

Annette Reid also won the decryption prize for a competition set by GCHQ, involving taking two letters with cryptography in and working out whether there were any public security issues involved.