The Black Student Engineering Group was set up in March 2021 by Sanjae King and Archie O'Boyle. Both students were working on the University’s applicant calling campaign where they were regularly asked questions on the diversity of the department, University, and City of Bath.

Archie took this observation to the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee, and from there the Black Student Engineering Group was formed. Now consisting of a number of students and staff, the group meet regularly to discuss the Black experience at Bath, and how it can be improved.

Of the group’s aims going forward Sanjae said: “”We would like the group to connect and develop a community for Black engineering students across departments within the Faculty of Engineering and Design, whilst also providing links to industry through relevant activities, and create a safe space to share experiences which can further improve the experience here at the University of Bath.”

On the subject of Black History Month he continued: “Personally, it is not so much the importance of ‘Black History Month’ but ‘Black History’ in general. It is important to see the work and contribution of others similar to myself, proving that anything is achievable. As an engineer, it generates a level of confidence knowing that there are like-minded individuals who have done (and continue to do) great and creative things within the field.”

“For universities, it is important to showcase that regardless of race and other factors, some of the greatest minds come from all walks of life and can contribute to research and innovation. This knowledge informs not only the black student body but the entire student body which fosters respect and camaraderie among all parties.”

“University is also a channel for social mobility and shapes the society in which we live. The provision of information on the past struggles, tensions, achievements and advancements of different cultures within the university setting will push this understanding into society and hopefully adds value to the wider society.”

For more information on the group or to get involved, please contact Sarah Stead, Operations & Projects Manager, Faculty of Engineering and Design on