Hot on the heels of BUC3, Mexican partners from CIMAT (Centre for Research in Mathematics) and UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) visited Bath to take part in BUC4 during the first few days of June.

BUC4 was the third in the series of workshops and labs titled ‘Big Data and Statistics in Environmental Research’. The first two were held in Mexico in November and February.

The workshops were run by Gavin Shaddick from Bath and Professor Jim Zidek from the University of British Columbia. They were organised by SAMBa students, Matt Thomas and Dorka Fekete, and PhD student Alice Davis.

Nearly 30 people took part, many of them PhD students. A number of students presented as part of a Young Researchers’ conference held on the afternoon of the first day. During the second day there were interactive lab sessions run by Matt, Dorka, and Alice to train other attendees in the use of specialist statistical packages.

UNAM PhD student, Marifer Gil Leyva said: ‘The whole BUC series of statistical workshops has been an extremely enjoyable experience and I have learned a lot which I think will help me very much in the future. It was wonderful to visit Bath and see the nice work that is happening there.'

The BUC series is funded by grants from the International Relations Office, the Newton Fund, UNAM and CIMAT. It involves a series of workshops supporting greater collaboration between doctoral students and academic staff, with a strong focus on training for doctoral students.

BUC5 will be held at Bath in September with a theme of uncertainty quantification.