This workshop was organised by Andreas Kyprianou, co-Director of Prob-L@B and SAMBa.

The format of the workshop was based on SAMBa’s successful Integrative Think Tank (ITT) model and 30 academic staff and students from the University of Bath, and the Mexican institutions of UNAM and CIMAT participated.

There was huge enthusiasm for the event. Arno Siri-Jégousse, a researcher from CIMAT said: 'From the first day, enthusiasm was present and we felt that we could manage to do something good.

'It was really motivating to see how other researchers proceed and to get a day-to-day idea of the work in progress of all the teams. We managed to obtain some new results on interesting and advanced topics on probability.'

The six groups that formed during the week all delivered exceptional outputs and it is expected that a number of journal papers will result. There is also great excitement to continue working together on future research projects with the expectation that joint applications for funding will be submitted.

Matt Roberts from the University of Bath said: 'BUC3 was a pleasure to be a part of - working on the terrace with beautiful views across Guanajuato made a nice change from my office in Bath!

'The idea of extending the ITT concept to academia worked well, and it was great to see so many people working enthusiastically together on new projects. I look forward to reading all the papers that will be written as a result.'

The next workshop in the BUC series will take place at the University of Bath from 2 until 4 June with the theme of Big Data and Statistics in Environmental Research.

ITT4 runs from 6 until 10 June with partners Astra Zeneca and the Royal United Hospitals in Bath.