A series of interactions between SAMBa and Chile have been rounded off with a visit from the Chilean Ambassador to the University of Bath, which included meeting with SAMBa co-Directors Gavin Shaddick and Andreas Kyprianou.

CMM is part of the Universidad de Chile and aims to create new mathematics and use it to solve problems coming from other sciences, the industry and public policies.

Gavin and Millie designed and delivered a short course on statistical analysis of big data in the power industry to CMM staff and some of their industrial partners, which received excellent feedback.

Joaquín Fontbana from CMM said: “The course run by Gavin and Millie was an excellent example of how mathematical research can furnish powerful tools to solve relevant industrial problems.

“It also allowed us to learn advanced statistical techniques which can be very useful in some of our ongoing industrial projects at CMM.

“We are looking forward to working with the University of Bath’s department of Mathematical Sciences to develop many more collaborations.”

The delivery of this course follows a visit to CMM by Paul Milewski (also a SAMBa co-Director) Andreas, and Ivan Graham from the Department of Mathematical Sciences last year.

Two CMM researchers have visited SAMBa and taken part in events in the last year and further links are expected to be forged.