Work continues on Arrivals Square, with buses temporarily rerouted on campus.

All buses will stop at the temporary stop located in the East Car Park, and will also stop at the STV as they exit campus. There are signs to direct you to the correct stop from the closed Arrivals Square.

The U1 will drop off and pick up from the temporary stop upon arrival to campus, and loop around to the STV stop until it is time to depart. You will be able to board the U1 at the STV and should use this stop if you plan to get the U1 to leave the campus.

If you plan to get the U2 or 20 service, it will arrive on campus and drop off in the East Car Park. These services will then stand in the East Car Park until it is time to depart. They will then pick up at the STV stop as they exit campus.

If you have limited mobility, we recommend waiting at the STV stop as all buses will pick up from there.

Please download this map for details of temporary bus stops.

During the works, footpaths will remain open when possible. If temporary closures are required these will be coordinated by the site team with clear signage.

You can download the U1 and U2 timetable for service times.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions, please contact Estates Helpdesk.