Around 26% of staff responded, with a good representation across all relevant grades and departments.

The key results are:

  • 24% indicated they were seeking to reduce the number of flights they took, with 3% aiming to stop completely. 64% indicated they did not intend to change the number of flights they took.
  • 76% selected [The University of Bath should] “only pay expenses for flights beyond the UK and Eurostar destinations” as one of their top 3 preferred policies.
  • 89% selected “only pay expenses for economy class, and for premium economy over 6 hours (one-way), with business class in exceptional circumstances” as one of their top 3 preferred policies.
  • 40% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with Clarity being the mandatory method of booking all travel, versus 34% who disagreed or strongly disagreed, and 26% who neither agreed or disagreed.

The policy review group is currently considering the survey responses, alongside carbon data and Clarity performance data, and will update all staff before any policy changes are enacted.

If you do have any further feedback or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email the survey author at