Institutes tackle research challenges and issues that are too large to be addressed by individual academics or small teams and so they bring together the skills, expertise and talents of a wide variety of researchers. By their nature, these research entitites are interdisciplinary, cross Faculty/School boundaries and combine the talents of people from different disciplinary specialisations.

If you have an idea for a Research Institute that will:

  • tackle issues that are aligned to the University of Bath Strategy 2021-2026

  • be aligned to our key research themes of Sustainability, Digital and Health and Well-being.

  • work with business and industry,

  • collaborate with policy makers regionally, nationally and internationally,

  • focus on solving global issues as well as driving progress through R&D,

  • have reach and impact beyond Bath, both nationally and internationally,

  • apply new knowledge and science to complex challenges;

you should discuss your idea with Professor Sarah Hainsworth, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) and complete an application form.