We are launching a second Call-to-Arms (C2A-2) which will start from the first week of February 2021. This follows the first COVID Call to Arms (C2A-1) during the first lockdown, and which led to a submission of £8M worth of grant income which would not have otherwise have found its way to submission.

The C2A-2 carries the theme of “Industrial challenges: The Nexus of Healthcare, Sustainability and Digital” and is organised by the Interdisciplinary Research Network, consisting of the research centres CSCT, C3Bio, CTI and IMI.

This is a great opportunity to explore new avenues, in particular partnering with industry, as well as opening the door to broad and diverse funding streams.

Please note, that whilst C2A-2 will overlap with the Faculty of Science Virtual Sandpit on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Health, it is a separate process and deliberately runs in parallel with a complementary theme; offering optimal opportunity and context for those of you interested in exploring and proposing interdisciplinary research under these themes.

How is the call-to-arms organised?

C2A-2 kicks off with a half-day session which encourages the formation of interdisciplinary teams around specific research challenges. This leads into a sequence of “check-in” meetings in which ideas and progress is encouraged and supported.

Who can sign up?

The C2A-2 is open to all academic staff from prize fellow upwards. We would particularly like to encourage early career researchers to join in and experience a new way of working that can help open the door to new funding regimes and industrial needs.

What is the rough agenda?

  • From the week commencing 1 February there will be a half-day session of pitches for potential research ideas and discussions on topics which emerged from a recent consultation with industry (Innovation Day on 9 December):

    • Net Zero in EU and UK health services
    • Sustainable medicines life-cycle and digital analysis
    • Biosensors in precision medicine
    • Quantitative diagnostics and prognostics in precision medicine
    • Personalised management and treatment of pain
    • Big data analysis of established medical sources

By the end of the session, participants will be asked to self-organise into groups to chase a potential project, with an identified end point (grant submission/industrial partnership/other…).

  • Week commencing 15 February
    • First check-in: Project leads update with small summary on project ambition, target, end game and feedback given
  • Week commencing 1 March
    • Industry Pitch: a chance to pitch back ideas to industrial/external partners for feedback on project ideas
  • Week commencing 15 March
    • A series of two-weekly check-ins with project leads culminating moving towards end game


Please sign-up to participate

More details will be disseminated after registration.

Email resdev@bath.ac.uk if you have any questions.

On behalf of The University of Bath Interdisciplinary Research Network

Andreas Kyprianou (IMI) Banafshe Larijani (CTI) Pedro Estrela (C3Bio) Matt Davidson (CSCT) Richie Gill (CTI)