CDASWriting is an informal group focused on writing practice at the University of Bath’s Centre for Death and Society. We focus on the value, meanings and impact of writing for those researching death, dying, loss and associated areas of inquiry, as well as the broader personal and political dimensions of writing in and outside of academia. The group plans to facilitate talks, writing retreats, workshops and research activities. Key areas of focus are:

  • therapeutic writing
  • writing for wellbeing
  • reclaiming writing (as personal, political and powerful)
  • what it might mean to write for impact, pathways to policy change and the REF
  • auto/biographical and creative writing
  • the opportunities and challenges of personal, creative and fictional writing in the academy
  • writing as community engagement
  • the possibilities and limitations of writing for addressing sensitive subject matter
  • finding the joy in writing for different purposes and different audiences

We will start by organising 2-3 events:

12th October 2022 6pm – 8pm: a two hour online writing retreat facilitated by Professor Gayle Letherby and Dr Bethan Michael-Fox. Sign up here.

Autumn 2022, date TBC: a two hour online writing retreat facilitated by Dr Tamarin Norwood and Dr Hannah Rumble. Details announced soon.

10th January 2023 7pm: a CDAS InConversation with renowned author Cathy Rentzenbrink on academic writing, memoirs, creativity and getting words on a page. Sign up details forthcoming.