The Share and Repair Café was led by the V Teams project V Repair, who aim to encourage us all to think about how we can reuse, recycle, or repair unwanted belongings and avoid landfill wherever possible.

Over the two hours that repairers were on site, they generated lots of interest, and 15 items in total were brought in to be fixed by trained volunteers, including a lawnmower, a hedge trimmer, a lamp, coats, a bag and a hairdryer. The event was open to all staff and students, who were invited to bring something along to be fixed for free.

Working with the charity Share and Repair, V Team will host multiple Repair Cafés across the year, where students and staff can bring broken items to be repaired for free. On top of this, they aim to host workshops on how to do basic repairs yourself.

The next Share and Repair Café is planned for a date in February to be held at Dartmouth Avenue, so keep your eyes peeled for the next announcement.

The event will be advertised on The SU's What’s On page as well as on the volunteering events page.