Thank you for your continued interest in our workshops. We understand that some of you may be encountering challenges when trying to register for our workshops on MyDoctoralDevelopment due to the high demand and long waiting lists. We have already started to respond to this by having discussions with our trainers about increasing the attendee caps and scheduling additional sessions. As previously mentioned, we will also run a full repeat program between February 2024 May 2024 with dates available to book in January 2024.

To give you some context since September 26th, we have conducted 13 workshops, resulting in a total of 377 bookings. Out of these bookings, 299 participants attended, 21 cancellations were made, and 57 individuals were marked as absent without providing any explanation. Furthermore, we have observed a significant number of individuals on our waiting lists, with 155 people on the waitlist for the past 13 workshops. To ensure that those on the waiting list have a fair chance of securing a place, we are eager to reduce the number of cancellations and unexplained absences.

To address these concerns and improve our booking management, we have reviewed our booking and cancellation policy and implemented some immediate changes taking place from Wednesday 18th October 2023. Please familiarise yourself with this policy as it will impact you.

Previously, our policy stipulated that after accumulating 4 unexplained absences within a two-week period, your UniHub (MyDoctoralDevelopment) account would be banned for an additional two weeks. We are revising this policy so that after just one unexplained absence, your account will be suspended for a one-month period. During this time, you will not be able to book any future sessions and your booked sessions in that banned period will be automatically cancelled.

This suspension will apply to all workshops and activities listed on MyDoctoralDevelopment (except for the Welcome Workshops as part of doctoral induction).

To avoid being banned we are politely asking that you cancel your bookings if you are no longer able to make them. Cancellations do not count towards the suspension. We encourage participants to cancel well in advance if they know they won't be able to attend a workshop. Please note that for the individuals from the waitlist to be invited to a workshop, cancellations must occur before the workshop booking closes (1 day and 6 hours prior to the workshop). We understand that unexpected events can arise, and in these cases please email