Re:View (Panopto) is the University’s Lecture Capture System, and can be used to record lectures and other classroom activities in GTA (General Teaching Area) spaces.

The Re:View Scheduler Tool allows Unit Convenors and academic staff who have been set up as Additional Tutors/Teachers to schedule recordings in advance.

What’s changing and when

From Friday 26 January, new features will be available within Re:View which bring improvements to:

  • How and where the recordings are saved
  • Recording non-timetabled activities

Recordings saved to the Moodle unit folder

New lecture capture recordings will now be saved in the corresponding Moodle AY2324 unit folder within the Panopto folder structure, unless the folder cannot be automatically located.

This means that you will not need to manually move your recordings to make them available within Moodle.

However, please be aware that if the corresponding Moodle folder cannot be automatically located, you will need to manually select an output folder from a list of available locations within your accessible folders.

Managing recordings already scheduled for the remainder of AY23/24

If you have already scheduled your recordings for Semester 2, these recordings will continue as planned.

The recordings will be saved to the scheduled recording folder as per your original set-up (e.g. #Scheduled-Lectures_Y2324 unit folder), but you will still be able to move them to the relevant Moodle folder as needed.

If you would prefer these recordings to be saved directly to the relevant Moodle-linked folder, you will need to cancel any previously scheduled recordings and re-schedule them.

Recording non-timetabled activities

Unit Convenors and Additional Tutors/Teachers can also now record non-timetabled activities via the Re:View Scheduler Tool.

These are activities that do not have an associated unit in Syllabus+ or a web room booking made through the Bath Online Room Request System (BORRS).

To do this, simply use the section titled ‘Non-timetabled recordings’ within the Re:View Scheduler Tool to start instantly recording, or to plan recordings up to 2 weeks in advance.

Web casting feature (trial)

Panopto web casting, or broadcasting over the internet, is being trialled for some non-timetabled activities.

If you have a specific academic need to use this feature, please submit a request via your Director of Studies.