To help with this the University of Bath has been proactive with providing guidance for managers and staff as well as creating an open and supportive environment with the Menopause Matters Group.

However, many people are not knowledgeable about menopause and only become aware of it when they, their manager or someone close to them starts to notice its effects, which can be distressing, alarming and daunting for all parties.

To change how we speak about menopause at work, as well as how we support those experiencing menopause and their managers, the School of Management are taking a leading role by funding a range of events and opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and confidence in this area.

The first event was the Menopause at Work webinar, held in January. Many people attended and it was well received. For those who missed it, you can watch the recording which is available until the end of February. You can also download the accompanying pack.

One way we are actively including our staff in the ongoing development of support and guidance on the menopause is through Menopause Champion volunteers. If you would like to engage in the conversation, we are recruiting now and welcome interest from all roles, genders and backgrounds. The initial training will take place on campus on Wednesday 20 March 09:30 to 12:30. If you are interested, please do get in touch at .

Leader and manager training

Creating a positive and stigma-free environment in relation to menopause issues requires a strong leadership from above, as well as a ‘bottom-up’ focus. With this in mind, sessions are being organised for leaders and managers to enable them to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to engage in meaningful conversations and identify appropriate support and signposting to colleagues around menopause.

Additional support

People experiencing perimenopause or menopause may feel uncomfortable discussing their symptoms with managers or colleagues, leading to feelings of isolation and lack of support. Our in the moment support provider Care First has menopause counsellors available for people to talk to in confidence.

Creating an open and supportive environment will help ensure our colleagues feel supported and remain productive and engaged in the workplace.