The book 50 Visions of Mathematics – published by Oxford University Press - is a collection of 50 short essays and images by leading maths writers with a foreword by the comedian Dara O Briain. The book was edited by a team which includes Professor Budd.

Professor Budd said: “It is designed to be a popular book, showcasing the importance and relevance of mathematics in all of our lives, as well as showing what fun it can be to both read and do maths.”

The book was launched earlier this month to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, of which Professor Budd is the Vice-President.

Professor Budd organised the event and played host to Princess Anne, to whom he presented a copy of the book.

You can see photos from the event on the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications’ Flickr page.

50 Visions of Mathematic was reviewed in the Guardian. You can see a selection of some of the images from the book on their website.