Over the last year we’ve had the chance to explore our local areas like never before and now the people of Bath and Bristol are being asked to share what they have discovered in the annual City Nature Challenge this weekend.

The Challenge is a global event in which people are invited to take pictures of wildlife in their local communities to help scientists and conservationists build up a picture of the nature that is flourishing in urban areas.

It’s free to take part and open to everyone, whether you are an expert, a seasoned City Nature Challenge participant or getting involved for the first time.

So whether it’s on campus, in your local area or from your own back garden, all you have to do to join in is download the iNaturalist app, take a photograph of nature, whether that’s a tree, plant or insect or animal, and upload.

You don’t even need to know the name of what you are photographing as the app will guide you through some simple questions. A network of experts will review and update the information so you can log back in later and learn more about what has been spotted in your local area.

This year 400 cities will be taking part in the four-day challenge, all competing to see which can record the most observations of urban wildlife.

To find out more about getting involved visit the City Nature Challenge website using the link below.