The University aims to encompass proposals on Research, Learning and Teaching, Policy and Practice, and University Campus emissions reduction within the Climate Action Framework.

At the end of last year, Professor Pete Walker was appointed as the University’s Climate Action Framework Leader. In late January, we recruited a project manager, Shannon Carr-Shand, to help support the development of the CAF.

In the last few weeks, the CAF Working Group (CAFWG) has been established with broad representation across academic and professional services staff, trade union colleagues and the SU and student groups.

In addition, three sub-groups have been set up on Research, Learning and Teaching and Policy and Practice combined with University Campus emissions reduction. These have all met twice, agreed terms of reference and made progress in their discussions.

Reflecting on progress so far, Professor Peter Walker said: “In addition to our desire to have an ambitious Climate Action Framework, we have also been given an ambitious timescale to deliver our first draft to Council by July 2020. We need both pace and focus to deliver this objective, but we are also making time for discussion and engagement.

“We are already researching best practice in the sector to establish how other universities have responded to the climate emergency, including their published targets, scope of emission reduction, action plans and collaborations.

“A large number of colleagues and students have given up time already to input their thoughts, ideas and expertise. I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed so far and for their continued support over the coming months.”

In advance of the Framework being presented to Council, members of our governing body heard a presentation on climate change by Professor Pete Walker on 19 February and held an evening of discussions to explore relevant issues in more depth. Further updates will be available over the coming months. In the meantime, please read the following updates about relevant campus action and research: