Why you should be using Planner

Do you ever feel you're part of multiple projects, mulitple teams and you'd like a space to view all your teams tasks easily and conveniently? Microsoft Planner allows you a space to create, plan and organise tasks as part of a team.

The straightforward layout allows you to quickly see who should be doing what, where and when. It's the simple way to organise teamwork. Microsoft Planner helps you to manage, organise and collaborate on tasks for your team or project as well as view progress reports and track individual assignments.

Some great features include:

  • Set start and due dates for tasks for your whole team
  • Assign tasks to team members, so everyone's expertise can shine
  • Track task progress so you've more chance of meeting that important deadline
  • Create checklists so that your team and you can keep track of every project stage
  • Attach files, photos or links to enhance your project with content
  • Setup notifications, so you know when a task is due or a team member has left a comment
  • Add comments or notes as discussion points with your team
  • Individually, you can view only the tasks that are assigned to you, using the 'To-Do' feature

Accessing Planner, Help and Support

View the Planner guidance on the University of Bath – Learning Pathways to discover how to access Planner and start using it today.

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