In October we asked you about your experiences of work during this time of unprecedented change.

Thank you for all your responses. What you told us has been invaluable in shaping our response to the pandemic and informing the vast amount of work that has been going on both behind the scenes and centre stage.

Please take a moment to watch the video below to find out more about what has been happening since October.

Some highlights include:

  • To address issues around workload, we have built in additional flexibility in how the Bath Blend is delivered.
  • For wellbeing support, we have expanded our network of Wellbeing Champions. There are now over 30 champions trained and ready to signpost staff to support.
  • We launched the Management Curriculum in October to further support staff including new digital courses on ‘Managing People’ and ‘Confident Conversations’.
  • As the second wave of the virus began, we also created new Covid-19 information web pages, making the information as easy to navigate as possible.

While things continue to change at a rapid pace, we will run these surveys on a regular basis so we can understand the ongoing impact on your work situation and wellbeing and in particular to plan for a time beyond the pandemic, when restrictions will be lifted.

With this in mind, the survey includes questions about your aspirations for future working arrangements, what you value about the different ways of working you have experienced and how you think effectiveness at work could be improved.

Complete the Staff Survey here

The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. There are also opportunities throughout to add your comments.   The survey is completely anonymous and conducted in line with the Data Protection Act. Responses will be treated confidentially, and we will not look at the views of groups of less than 10, so no individual can be identified.  

If you have more than one role, please complete the survey for the role you spend most time in. If you wish to comment on your other role(s) please use the free text box at the end.  

Please take part by the end of Tuesday 2 March.

If you have any queries please contact Deborah Griffin.