The University hosts the 14th Symposium of the Cancer Research @ Bath (CR@B) network later today, which will highlight how research across the board is helping to improve the diagnosis and treatment of many types of cancer.

The CR@B network, which is a partnership between the University and Royal United Hospital (RUH), fosters links between our researchers and clinicians in order to improve outcomes for cancer patients. It also promotes new interdisciplinary thinking on the subject, drawing in our research strengths in particular from the Faculty of Science and Department for Health.

In this spirit, tonight’s Symposium will feature presentations from new Prize Fellow, Dr John Campbell (Department for Health), on the impact of ageing and exercise on certain cancers; Dr Chris Pudney (Department of Biology & Biochemistry) on developing stable and safe drugs using new technologies developed at Bath; and PhD candidate, Mike Kenny (Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology), on targeting super-potent chemotherapy for advanced prostate tumours.

Delegates at the event will also hear from Dr Karim Malik (Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Bristol) on the development of new drugs to target childhood cancers; and from Dr Miranda Benny and Dr Mark Beresford from the Royal United Hospital, including an update on the West of England Genomic Medicine Centre.

Chair of the CR@B Committee, Dr Adele Murrell said: “Across the board a number of the research projects we are developing at the University relate to making improvements in cancer diagnosis, treatments and prevention. The Symposium format allows us to share latest learning with clinical colleagues from the RUH, and with the wider academic community, offering us new opportunities to deliver real impact with our work.”

Presentations will be available after the event; please contact Laura Simpson (