On Thursday 13th August, thousands of students will receive their A level examination results, as well as confirmation of their places at university. This can be a very challenging time for prospective students, many of whom will also spend the day looking for university places in Clearing.

There is additional uncertainty this year due to the disruption to examinations caused by COVID-19. This disruption will impact many students, and will have an impact on universities as they manage their admissions processes.

The University will be running a socially distanced Confirmation and Clearing operation from within the Library, with many staff also taking part from home. At this time, it is expected that the University will not have any places available in Clearing on A level results day itself, but the operation will still receive many calls from students seeking additional clarification.

If any staff member receives any calls, please seek to put them through to the central call operation. The number is:

01225 976833

The call centre will be open from 8 til 5 on Thursday, Friday, and Monday. It will not be open over the weekend.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation and support.