We will be adding a cookie banner to the University website in October to comply with privacy legislation, also known as the cookie law.

The new banner will show on the website for all visitors, including staff and students.

Consenting to cookies

The banner will ask you to either consent to the use of all cookies while you browse our pages or to edit your cookie preferences.

As long as you don't clear your browser cache or history between visits, you should only have to set your cookie preferences the first time you visit our website on each device you use. You will need to reconfirm your cookie preferences after 1 year.

Setting your preferences

In addition to the necessary cookies on the site, editing cookie preferences allows you to choose whether you want to accept:

  • functionality cookies, used to remember customer preferences and provide enhanced personalised features
  • performance and analytics cookies, used to count visits and traffic sources to the site anonymously
  • advertising and remarketing cookies, used for third-party features on our site, like maps and social networking features

Read the University privacy and cookie policy.

Why we're making this change

The law states that any websites that cater to European visitors, including those from the United Kingdom, must follow guidelines on privacy and data protection. Websites must inform users that cookies are not being used to gather information unnecessarily.

Further information

Read more information about cookies from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

If you have any questions about this update or about the use of cookies on the University website, email us at web-support@bath.ac.uk