When thinking about an office move, it is important that Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) are aware of any planned changes to the location of IT and audio visual equipment, so we can help you avoid any unforeseen consequences.

We can help plan your IT equipment

If you are coordinating an office move, please request support from the DDaT Team for help moving existing equipment or to discuss any new IT requirements.

Simply complete the Office Move Request form, ideally giving at least two weeks’ notice.

A hassle-free move with added benefits

Once we receive your request form, DDaT will work with you to ensure that:

  • your requirements are clearly defined and fully understood
  • a suitable timeframe is agreed
  • potential issues are considered before your move
  • the new office infrastructure is assessed and reviewed
  • available IT equipment is up and running
  • any equipment and cables are set up in the safest and tidiest way possible.