The data you provide on any photocopying of published works you may do during this period will help the CLA to pay royalties due to authors and publishers. This exercise only relates to photocopying - extracts that are scanned by the Library’s Scanning Service and made available electronically via Moodle are reported separately and are therefore NOT included in this exercise.

As you may be aware, the University of Bath holds a copyright licence which enables you to photocopy, scan and re-use published material, such as books, journals, periodicals and digital originals. The Library administers this licence on behalf of the University. The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is conducting a remote data collection exercise regarding the photocopying of these published works. This information helps the CLA to pay the authors, publishers and visual artists whose work is being copied so your role is an integral and much valued part of this process.

The exercise runs between 16/01/2023 and 24/02/2023 during which time any relevant re-use should be recorded online using the unique link below, which we recommend you save to either your Favourites, Bookmarks or Desktop:

Alternatively use the QR code embedded into posters which have been placed by each printer in departments around campus.

PDF copies of the posters with more information about the process and links to the recording form are linked here:

Some examples of relevant data include:

  • Photocopying of books, journals, periodicals, etc. including extracts or line quotes.
  • Making copies of copies.
  • Copyright content transcribed and used in a printed resource such as a presentation/handout.
  • Open resources and material from hybrid publications, where a mix of copyright and open access content is included (particularly in journals or other collections of work). Resources provided to non-credit bearing students (e.g. professional or short courses).
  • ‘On-copying’ of born digital - where a digital resource is printed out then used to copy from - made under the CLA licence is subject to the same terms as a photocopy so should be included.

In addition to this data collection exercise, the CLA also wishes to obtain information on any published materials used in course / module study packs and key websites used in research or for professional development – key contacts will receive further information on how to collect information on these elements of the data exercise shortly for wider dissemination.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or the University’s CLA Licence Co-Ordinators at

You can find out more about CLA by visiting

Thank you for helping us to support the rights holders.