The University is committed to providing high quality learning and teaching, whilst paying close attention to public health advice and making decisions in the best interests of our students, staff, visitors and local community.

However, as outlined last week, we have made preparations to make much of our learning and teaching available online.

For undergraduates and those taking taught graduate courses, we will deliver all teaching online for the remainder of Semester 2, which ends on Friday 29 May 2020. The details and timing of teaching online will be announced by Departments.

More details will follow on any necessary assessments yet to take place, but there will be no examinations on campus.

We hope this will enable students to make informed decisions about whether to stay on campus or to relocate elsewhere. To reassure students who wish to stay on campus, essential services such as student accommodation, shops and catering outlets as well as the Library and Sports Training Village remain operational.

Further information on large scale events is expected to be issued in due course.

We recognise that these are particularly challenging times, and as a result, we do wish to assure you that we will seek to support our community to the best of our ability in the coming weeks.