The study from health researchers at Bath will assess the anti-ageing impact of ketone supplements taken by over 60s.

Could drinking ketones really help to turn back time? Researchers at the University of Bath believe so, and want volunteers aged 60 – 80 to come forward for a unique experiment designed to test the effects.

Ketones are natural molecules produced by the body for energy when we fast or eat a low carb diet. They can also be consumed in drink form and over recent years have become popular among endurance athletes, including cyclists.

In addition to being used for energy, a growing body of research has shown ketones to have beneficial effects for our metabolism, inflammation, and brain health. Studies have suggested they can affect processes involved in ageing.

With this new study, the research team, led by Anna Nicholas under the supervision of Prof Dylan Thompson, want to test if consuming a ketone drink three times a day for four weeks improves physical and cognitive health in older adults.

During the experiment, participants will undergo baseline tests over two weeks before a four-week supplementation period. During that time, participants will drink a ketone drink or a placebo three times a day.

Researcher Anna Nicholas explained: “There’s growing interest in the role that ketones can play in ageing, and with this experiment we want to test what effect ketone supplements taken over a month can have on older adults.

“Ultimately our hope is to learn more about this emerging area, and to use our study to contribute to strategies that help lower the risk of age-related diseases.”

To find out more about the study, the criteria involved and to volunteer to take part see Volunteer site

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