How you may be affected

We are aware of ongoing issues the Business Objects (WEBI) product, where colleagues have advised that they are experiencing performance issues or reports failing to load correctly.

Cause of the disruption

The issue appears to be related to an incompatibility between WEBI and the latest versions of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome web browsers which have been recently released.

It is understood that this issue is also affecting other organisations outside the University.

How to access Business Objects (WEBI) in the meantime

By means of a workaround and until further notice, we recommend you use the Firefox web browser which is unaffected by the issue.

What we are doing to resolve the issue

We are currently working with our supplier to better understand the issue and how to resolve it.

Keep up to date with progress and the status of Business Objects (WEBI)

You can keep up to date with progress on this issue at Status.bath, as well as viewing the service health of all our IT systems.

If you have any issues to report, please use the self-service portal (TopDesk).