Darrell Patterson has been awarded the posthumous title of Professor of Chemical Engineering by our Academic Staff Committee.

Darrell joined us as a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering from the University of Auckland in 2011. He passed away in February 2017.

The Committee assessed the applicant's contribution to academic leadership and to the global advancement of knowledge, and members were unanimous in their support for Darrell's promotion.

Professor Philip Allmendinger, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, said: “It is clear through Darrell's research achievements, his research leadership and his education of students that he was dedicated to being the best academic he could be. This recognition from senior academic peers - both at the University and at other institutions - confirms the significance of Darrell's work and his positive contributions to the University and to Engineering more broadly.”

Former colleagues paid tribute to Darrell.

Professor Tim Ibell, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design said: “I am delighted that we are now able to honour the accomplishments of Professor Darrell Patterson in this way. It is poignant and celebratory in equal measure, and this promotion is, of course, so richly deserved. I am delighted to see this day, and I offer Darrell’s family all my very best wishes.”

Professor Davide Mattia, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design said: “Darrell was a leading figure in the membrane science and technology community worldwide. He produced important contributions in several key scientific areas and was awarded a highly prestigious European Research Council award as well as being a member of the EPSRC Programme Grant SynFabFun.

“His smile and warm personality touched many here in Bath, from students to colleagues. He put his energy and passion into developing membrane engineering at Bath, and his legacy continues through his colleagues and former PhD students and PDRAs, both in industry and academia. I miss him as a colleague and as a friend and feel very proud all his accomplishments have been recognised in his promotion to full professor.”

Professor Matthew Jones, Department of Chemistry and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Science, said: “I remember waiting with Darrell for a flight from Johannesburg to London talking science (after an important “fact finding” mission to determine the feasibility of upgrading the waste from the wine industry). In those hours we sketched out the plan for a grant proposal, which was funded a few months later by the EPSRC. This project is still the main thrust of my work. I owe a huge debt to Darrell on a professional level. However, more importantly, Darrell was a great friend and always had time to talk and listen. You are missed Professor Patterson.”

Professor John Chew, Head of Department of Chemical Engineering added: “It is wonderful to see that our friend and colleague, Professor Darrell Patterson’s, commitment and hard-earned accomplishments have been recognised. It was a pleasure working with Darrell in the Department and we will continue to miss him.”