David was first appointed Dean in August 2016 and has had a very successful first year managing the teaching, research and strategic planning for the Faculty.

He is also Professor of International Security and a Theme Leadership Fellow for the Conflict Theme within the Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Research.

David is a regular media commentator - particularly in relation to the tensions over Ukraine and Crimea - and has also worked with House of Commons defence select committee and FCO.

As a leading expert in international relations, security and defence - David is well positioned to lead the Faculty to further successes.

Speaking about his re-appointment, David said: "I am very pleased to be able to continue my role as Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. I am looking forward to the opportunities we have ahead in showing our commitment to research and education excellence.

"I am also convinced that we can play a larger role in the community and society as well as with businesses, public services and government to illustrate how our research and education can have benefit and empower."