The Medical Research Council (MRC) biomedical data science leadership awards scheme opens on 1 November. More on the awards.

The aim of the scheme is to support those improving the inclusion, quality, and recognition of data science within biomedical research. Funding is available to understand better quality support for biomedical data science. Innovations should improve career offers, accelerate positive shifts in research culture, or advance leadership for biomedical data science.

Awards will seed engagement, coordination, and evidence to inform the plans for a shared UK-wide biomedical data science initiative. See the MRC review into maximising biomedical data science opportunities.

The University of Bath is restricted to one application. Funded activity will develop innovation and evidence to improve how biomedical research includes, resources and recognises high-quality data science. The MRC will support community-driven explorations seeking better approaches for supporting high quality biomedical data science contributions. The primary motivation of all activity must be to maximise learning towards improving the research culture and career offer for biomedical data science across the UK.

Applications to this opportunity must include and support those leading positive change for biomedical data science within their research organisations and beyond.

If you are interested in leading an application to this scheme email Dr Laura Wisby, Research Development Manager: