The new system, which will replace the current paper-based one, will be operated through the University’s e-recruitment system, Stonefish, and will be effective from 3 April 2017.

This new approach will cover all hourly-paid workers (students and non-students) with the exception of Variable Hours Teaching Fellows and Agency Workers.

Please note that paper requests will not be accepted beyond 3 April 2017. All requests for hourly paid work will now need to be submitted to the relevant ‘requester’ for your department.

What are the benefits of the new system?

  • Improve the customer experience through a single, quick online system for all hourly-paid workers;
  • Improve governance and provide greater control and visibility – particularly around student-facing roles, the new system will provide opportunities for managing and improving the quality of the student experience;
  • Improve the efficiency of our processes through the replacement of the current paper-based system with an online system;
  • Reduce the risk of legislative non-compliance (e.g. right to work checks, DBS etc).

What are the main changes?

Unlike the current hourly paid worker process, governance has been built into the process to check that hourly paid work is required. There will therefore be two new roles in the system, a ‘requester’ and an ‘approver’:

A full list of requesters and approvers for your department can be found online.

Requester – This person will be responsible for engaging the hourly paid worker and ensuring that the process is followed through from start to finish, including carrying out right to work checks, ensuring that a Disclosure & Barring Scheme (DBS) check has been initiated (where applicable) and that the worker does not carry out work unless all of these processes have been followed.

Approver – this person is responsible for overseeing the requirements of a department and has an understanding about its structure and governance. The approver will check that the role is required and that engagement of an hourly paid worker is the most appropriate approach.

Each department has been assigned at least one requester and one approver. These members of staff will be:

  • Fully trained on the use of the new Stonefish system
  • Trained so they are able to conduct right to work checks and initiate DBS checks (where appropriate).

Training dates were circulated to all requesters/approvers on 2 March 2017.

To find out more about this new process and how it will affect you please visit the newly created hourly paid worker webpages.