We are very pleased to announce that Dr Nathalia Gjersoe has been appointed as the Faculty’s Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching). This appointment comes on the back of Dr Cassie Wilson’s appointment as Vice President (Student Experience) in September.

Nathalia will lead the Faculty through the next phases of curriculum transformation and ensure that we get the most for our students and staff as we go forward. On the back of her role of Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Nathalia brings a wealth of experience and skill in delivering excellent teaching and student experience.

Professor David Galbreath, Dean, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, said: "I very much look forward to working with Thalia. I have a great interest in developing the curriculum towards society’s changing relationship with science and technology. I am pleased to be working on this with Thalia who has experience incorporating these changes in the curriculum and I look forward to working, and learning, from her."

Nathalia also joins Professor Julie Barnett, Associate Dean (Research), and Ann-Marie Hartland, Director of Administration, in the Faculty.