In a thrilling showcase of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Enterprise Bath recently hosted its Dragons' Den pitching competition, where three standout students were awarded £500 each to further develop their potentially ground-breaking ideas.

The event unfolded at the University's Enterprise Lab, a hub in the East Building on campus for fostering entrepreneurial talent and nurturing business ideas. The lab, managed by Enterprise Bath, regularly conducts workshops and events aimed at guiding students through the challenging yet exciting journey of bringing their business visions to life.

The Dragons' Den pitching competition saw a diverse array of students present their innovative concepts, each vying for the chance to secure a £500 investment to propel their projects forward. The morning session was dedicated to these five-minute pitches, delivered with passion and conviction by seven ambitious participants.

Following the morning session, all applicants were invited to a networking lunch with the Dragons, Nick Wood and Hubert Velge, Bath alumni and experienced entrepreneurs and investors, who played the crucial role of evaluating and deciding the students’ fate! This interactive lunch provided an opportunity for all the students who applied to the competition to engage with the Dragons on a more personal level, gaining valuable insights and business advice.

Dragons’ Den 2023 - Round 1

A pitching competition where students with an idea for a business can pitch for up to £500 to prove their concept.

In the afternoon, the tension in the Enterprise Lab reached its peak as the participants awaited their fate. The Dragons provided constructive feedback to each student and informed them whether they were being awarded the cash grant they had pitched for that morning. Three of the seven shortlisted students were awarded funding on this occasion with two further students advised to pitch again after finessing their business model further. Congratulations!

The victorious entrepreneurs showcased a range of ideas, from innovative tech solutions to sustainable business models. The financial boost provided by the competition aims to assist these budding entrepreneurs in further developing and proving the viability of their concepts.

The winners

Katie Little, Founder of Homestead Ease:

I'm thrilled to have recieved funding to fully validate my business and the feedback from pitching has been invaluable. I would highly recommend applying, it's a fantastic opportunity.

Aaron Fordonell, Founder of SignaChip:

The Dragons were really nice and put me at ease. Friendlier than the ones on television! I was very pleased to get the funding and some helpful feedback from the Dragons. It was a well organised event with lots of lovely positive energy all round!

Zoe Jeffery, VibeStride:

I was a little nervous before the pitch, however all of the skills I have learnt from the Enterprise Bath team and my mentors really helped me to focus and build my confidence.

Speaking about the Dragons' Den event, Siobain Hone, Graduate Enterprise Manager in Research and Innovation Services (RIS), says:

The Dragons' Den pitching competition is a testament to the incredible talent and entrepreneurial spirit we have at the University of Bath. We are proud to support these students as they embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, and we look forward to seeing their idea for a business flourish.

The Dragons' Den competition, run by Enterprise Bath - the University’s co-curricular programme for entrepreneurial students, not only serves as a platform for students to showcase their ideas but also provides a unique opportunity for them to receive valuable feedback and mentorship from seasoned professionals in the business world.

As the winners begin the next phase of their entrepreneurial journey, Enterprise Bath continues to foster a culture of innovation and enterprise, encouraging students to turn their dreams into reality!

We are looking forward to Round 2, where students can win up to £5000 funding. Please get in touch if you'd like to take part.