Advance HE is pleased to announce that it has appointed Reviewer panellists for the transformed UK Athena Swan Charter, formed of EDI experts from across the higher education and research institute directorate. Aiste Senulyte Zubiniene, ED&I Officer at the University of Bath, has been successful in securing a Reviewer role for Advance HE. She's been a panellist since 2018 and marked applications from other Institutions and Departments in seven assessment rounds.

Kathryn Harrison-Graves, Director of Membership and Accreditation & The Equality Charters Team said:

"After a very competitive process, it is our great privilege to congratulate Aiste on being selected as an Athena Swan Reviewer for Advance HE. Aiste has demonstrated an extraordinarily high-level of expertise and dedication in being a leading EDI practitioner within the higher education sector. We heartily welcome her to the Advance HE Equality Charters team and look forward to working with Aiste in furthering equality, diversity and inclusion in the Higher Education and research sector."

Over the past year, the Equality Charters Team has worked closely with the Athena Swan Governance Committee to develop improved systems and processes that form the foundations of the transformed UK Charter. This includes revised roles for panel members with increased training, guidance and role support - a full description of which can be found in updated terms of reference.

Alison Johns, Advance HE Chief Executive welcomed the new panellists and said:

“We are delighted to have been able to appoint extremely well-qualified individuals following a competitive selection process from a very strong group of applicants with significant academic and professional equality, diversity and inclusion experience. The panels will play a critically important role as they take up their responsibilities when the revised Charter is rolled out this summer.”

Dr Marion Harney, University's Athena Swan Leader and Chair of USAT, noted:

"I am delighted to hear that after very competitive process our very own Aiste has just been appointed to the prestigious role of Athena SWAN Reviewer for Advance HE. This is an excellent appointment for her and the University and I congratulate Aiste on this amazing achievement'.

The transformed UK Athena Swan Charter has been communally revised to support the inclusion of all gender identities. It better enables applicants to adopt an intersectional approach to their gender equality work. It has expanded to benefit Professional, Technical and Operational directorates – all while reducing administrative burden, providing greater flexibility to adapt to applicants’ contexts and offering enhanced support for those making an application. You can find a list of all changes to Athena Swan summarized on the University's AS blog.