Cynthia Cheung will travel to 20 cities in 20 states in 50 days, with her friend, Kunho Kim, who was paralysed from the waist down after a skiing accident.

The guide will review hotels, restaurants, museums and other attractions for wheelchair accessibility, and will be published by the Let’s Go travel series.

Cynthia was born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK, and has a passion for travelling and social entrepreneurship. She met Kunho at the Igniting Innovation Summit 2013 and was inspired by his goal to improve travel information in the USA for wheelchair users.

Cynthia, who was a student in the University's School of Management, said: “My four years at Bath has not only enhanced my knowledge and skills, it has also provided me with invaluable opportunities to learn from big corporates and to think globally.

“I feel very privileged about my upbringing; hence in everything I do, I hope to utilise the resources and opportunities around me to help those in need.”

Cynthia has also founded a start-up called Trafluence, which is empowering people to explore the world with their skills and influence (). She has been selected by Google to take part in its Empowering Young Entrepreneurs programme.

Cynthia, Kunho and two other team members will leave San Francisco on 11 July and aim to arrive in Boston on 28 August, visiting Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Toronto, Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, New Haven and Providence.

They have already received world-wide media attention and are now seeking sponsorship. For more information or to help visit: