Location, Venue and Time

  • Location University of Bath, Claverton Down, BA2 7AY, Bath and North-East Somerset
  • Venue Chancellor’s Building, Lecture Theatre CB 2.6 - First (1st) floor as you enter the building from its main entrance. Stairs and elevators can be used to access this floor.

How to get to the University campus

  • Travel advice and instructions on how to get to the University campus, parking facilities and the venue location can be found here

The co-organisers gratefully acknowledge the support of Community Engagement Team and the financial contribution of the University of Bath’s Alumni Fund and Knowledge Exchange Fund in covering the catering and other costs for this event

This is a comprehensive conference dedicated to exploring the critical issues surrounding children's wellbeing, poverty and socio-economic deprivation in our region, especially in the areas of mental health, education, justice and discrimination, socio-economic deprivation. This event is a call to action for academic researchers, educators, policymakers, community leaders, and concerned citizens to come together to share knowledge as well as professional, personal experiences in order to inform policies and practices towards a better future for the children in Bath and North East Somerset. The aim of the summit is to produce a comprehensive report on the topic and build capacity towards the establishment of a Socio-Economic Observatory for Bath and North East Somerset.

This will be an in-person event and there is no registration fee.


  • 8:45:9:15 Arrivals and registration
  • 9:15-9:45 Welcoming words
  • 9:15-9:20 Dr Theodoros Papadopoulos, Co-director Centre for Analysis of Social Policy and Society (CASPS)
  • 9:20-9:25 Mohammed Saddiq DL, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset
  • 9:25-9:30 Robert Drewett DL, High Sheriff of Somerset
  • 9:30-9:35 Cllr Paul May, BANES Lead Member for Children and Young People
  • 9:35-9:40 Alex Raikes MBE DL, Director, SARI charity (Stand Against Racism and Inequality)
  • 9:40-9:45 Prof Cassie Wilson, Pro-VC (Student Experience), University of Bath
  • 9:45-10:10 BACKGROUND: Socio-economic deprivation and children’s wellbeing: Evidence & perspectives
  • 9:45-9:55 Dr Theodoros Papadopoulos & Dr Beth Jaynes, CASPS and Department of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath
    • Addressing children’s needs in BANES – a multidimensional perspective
  • 9:55-10:05 Joseph Prince, BANES Business Intelligence team
    • What does that data tell us about poverty and children’ wellbeing in BANES
  • 10:05 -11:30 SESSION 1: Mental health & children’s wellbeing (Chair: Dr Beth Jaynes)
  • 10:05 - 10:15 Dr Katherine Button, Dr Ailsa Russell & Dr Graeme Fairchild, Department of Psychology, University of Bath
    • Research and collaboration towards a Mental Health Network in BANES
  • 10:15-10:30 Ruth Ferguson & Ed Harker, Early Nurture Service, Brighter Futures (Thrive)
    • Responses to mental health challenges – work with St John’s Foundation
  • 10:30 - 10:40 Marsha Mars (‘Mighty Girls”) & Dr Rachel Wilder (University of Bath)
    • Youth-led approaches to promoting positive relationships
  • 10:40-10:50 Prof Fiona Gillison, Department of Health, University of Bath
    • The challenge of obesity and children’s mental health
  • 10:50- 11:05 Phil Walters, Harriet Rose & young participants, ‘Off the Record’
    • The work of “Off the record” in BANES: experiences, challenges actions
  • 11:05 -11:30 Discussion and audience interaction using the platform Menti
  • 11:30-11:45 Coffee (post-it feedback will available)
  • 11:45-13:15 SESSION 2: Education & children’s wellbeing (Chair: T. Papadopoulos)
  • 11:45-11:55 Dr Joy Cranham, Dept of Education University of Bath
    • Education, poverty and children’s wellbeing
  • 11:55-12:10 Louise Harvey & David Hodbey, St John’s Foundation,
    • Early years intervention plus the work of St John’s Foundation
  • 12:10-12:20 Esther Reeves & young participants, Young carers and widening participation
  • 12:30-12:45 Sam Plummer, Youth Connect Southwest
    • The work of Youth Connect - Southwest
  • 12:45-13:15 Discussion and audience interaction using the platform Menti
  • 13:15-13:45 Lunch (post it feedback will be available)
  • 13:45-15:00 Discrimination, Justice, violence and children’s wellbeing* (Chair: Dr B. Jaynes)
  • 13:45 -13:55 His Honour Judge Stephen Wildblood
    • The experience from the Courts (Online presentation)
  • 13:55-14:05 Dr Alinka Gearon, Dept of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath,
    • Child trafficking exploitation and abuse – the challenges for services
  • 14:05-14:15 Alex Raikes MBE DL, Director, SARI (Stand Against Racism and Inequality)
    • The work and experience of SARI in fighting injustice and discrimination – challenges for BANES
  • 14:15-14:25 Dr Marsha Wood, Institute for Policy Research, University of Bath
    • Vulnerable families and policies UK – research and examples of good practices
  • 14:25-14:35 Clare Greene (Recorded contribution), Executive Headteacher, St Michael Junior Church School (Twerton)
    • School programmes/Interventions
  • 14:35-15:00 Discussion and audience interaction using the platform Menti
  • 15:00-15:20 Evidence and knowledge in addressing children’s wellbeing – the case for a BANES Socio-economic Observatory
  • 15:00-15:20 Joseph Prince & Marie Bennett, Business Intelligence Team & Insight, BANES Dr Theodoros Papadopoulos, CASPS & Dept of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath
    • Current evidence and data infrastructure in BANES
    • Gaps in collective knowledge and co-production opportunities in research and policy
    • Building capacity for a Socio-economic Observatory in BANES
  • 15:20 -15:30 Conclusions and formal end to the Summit

A number of presentations will be video recorded and a comprehensive summit report will be written after the event. Both will become available at a later date from the website of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy and Society.

Conferences Overview

While Bath and North East Somerset is known for the rich heritage and its picturesque landscapes and wonderful surrounding countryside, it also struggles with pressing issues associated with localised child poverty, socio-economic deprivation and discrimination. The conference will provide a platform for meaningful discussions, interactive workshops, and knowledge-sharing sessions aimed at addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by children growing up in poverty or facing discrimination and other challenges in their social well-being. This conference aims to shed light on this issue, seeking innovative solutions and fostering collaborations among diverse stakeholders. It also aims to explore the potential for creating a Socio-Economic Observatory for Bath and North East Somerset where multiple stakeholders and communities will be able to access (and contribute) relevant evidence and knowledge to inform policy as well as professional practice. The full programme will become available soon from a dedicated page hosted in the Centre of Analysis of Social Policy and Society (CASPS) website.

Cross-cutting themes

Each of the following themes will be explored by focusing on the following cross-cutting themes: - Community Initiatives: Highlight successful community-based programs and initiatives that have made a positive impact on children's lives. - Policy and Advocacy: Discuss the role of local and national policies in alleviating child poverty and advocate for necessary changes. - Parental Support: Recognise the importance of parental involvement and provide resources to empower parents in low-income households. - Intersectionality: Raising awareness on overlapping and interdependent processes of discrimination/disadvantage regarding particular groups of children (indicatively., care leavers, service children and young people, black and minority children, SEND, LGBTQ+ etc)

Who should attend

  • Educators and School Administrators
  • Local and Regional Policymakers
  • Social Workers and Child Welfare Professionals
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Community Leaders and Organisations
  • Parents and Caregivers
  • Academics and Researchers
  • Non-profit Organisations
  • Business Leaders

Conference Highlights

  • Keynote Speakers: Well-known experts in child welfare, education, health and social care, social policy analysis and poverty alleviation will provide valuable insights and inspiration.
  • Interactive sessions: Engage in a hands-on discussion of practical strategies, and share experiences and visionary ideas.
  • Panel Discussions: Participate in informative panel discussions featuring diverse perspectives.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals, organisations, and advocates working towards similar goals. -Exhibition Area: Explore exhibits showcasing innovative solutions and services for children in need.

Why Attend

By attending this summit, you will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges children face in our community and be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to make a positive impact. Together, we can contribute to co-creating a better future for all children in Bath and North-East Somerset.