Emeritus Professor Cheryll Tickle and Dr Araxi Urrutia, from the Milner Centre for Evolution, have edited a special issue for the Royal Society's Philosophical Transactions B titled Evo-devo in the genomics era, and the origins of morphological diversity.

The issue examines the evolution of morphology in animals and plants from a variety of angles ranging from genomics to developmental biology to the study of fossils.

The articles in the issue illustrate how contemporary evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo) approaches are being applied to specific questions about the evolution of major innovations in anatomy, the modification of the morphology of structures, intraspecies variation and developmental plasticity in a wide range of different organisms including both animals and plants.

Recurring themes include the basis of the genomic changes underlying morphological diversity and the current status of the concept of homology.

Philosophical Transactions B

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